Empty Walls

Each thought of you can hurt my mind, and mess up the sight. 
I can only allow you to leave, just stay responsible for what you did to me, so, When you leave..
Pick your story, Erase your memories, And close the door behind you. 
I don’t want anyone to open it, so, leave it locked, and swallow the key.
You’re evil,  for choosing my rest time to show up surprisingly.
You pop out of nowhere, to remind me of how much I messed up with you, so, please, don’t leave scars. 
All I’m about is missing you, I’m going crazy about you, half of me worried, and the other half don’t know what’s the right thing to do.
How is that even possible? 
To draw sadness on my face, that what makes you special, evil things you do best.
And the hardest part, is you forcing me to keep you in mind..
And everything around me makes me miss you.
I wake up each night checking on you, like a mother checkin’ on her son, but the fever you’ve got, burned my skin, And I’m poor to cure your madness.
This day has to come uncontrollably.
Like fate, like a nightmare.
After you, I promised myself to build walls without doors.
You’re evil for leaving me like that, I can’t see nor hold your hand.
It’s seems like the end of the road is right here, and that’s what scares me the most.