I write this letter for us, for the past and the memories.
Apologizing for everything I didn’t do to keep the roof above our hearts.
It’s not us anymore
It’s just You and …me
We’re not apart
But we’re not even close
No one left the battlefield
No one’s bleeding
It saddens me how things will fall apart eventually..
I can see the future, the lonely nights, and the wet white pillow..
A month passed without you, and the year will end in a blink of an eye…without you!
I promised our souls to hold myself together, till I forget the promises you broke.
Wise people always write about forever, fairytales and promises. And they both sing the same song, and the world knows that nothing lasts forever, and this ain’t a fairytale, and promises are meant to be broken.

I came


I wonder if you ever think of how you can sparkle my world  

And how your words can make me fly …or fall    


It’s just a wonderland..

I force myself to believe that you feel the same way about me 


That night I felt bad for myself  

I felt sad for myself for letting you control my world.. my senses    

There’s no suitable way to drop a line 

 I just happen to write to clear my head, 

      Trying not to show the world this mess I live in…  

So bad I want to be your first choice  

So bad I want you to realize your life won’t be the same if I left you..  

Sometimes, I wish, I pray, in your eyes to be the only one 

 ..to be your only choice,  

So bad I want you to get lost, just to be your home..   

               Yet, I know,you prefer her over me..   

You said that, and I can clearly see that hurtful truth   

It’s not selfishness as they say..  

     With confident I say; 

I deserve to be the first thing you think about   

When you open your eyes early in the morning 

And the last thing on your mind, late at night..  

 I don’t need you,  

I happen to need,.. your shiny, glamorous eyes   

And when the clock strikes midnight 

And I start to feel unconscious, I lay on bed, craving your voice  

But I forgot all that, when I decided to, when I thought I can, I did    

That morning, I left.  

I thought, just thought, I could survive..    

I kept a secret from myself.. I hid the truth..  

That I still need you to appreciate me, build your world around me    

And walked away…   

  I heard a voice in the back of my head that says;  

Replacements can make you forget them  

     ..Replacements can make you forget them   

I went looking for replacement  

I went looking for your eyes  

 But, flashbacks ruined everything,  

And destroyed the strength I build that night..    

And your place in my crowded world..  

Stayed empty, 

No one touched it.     

Baby, I’m back. 

Baby, I came.