I came


I wonder if you ever think of how you can sparkle my world  

And how your words can make me fly …or fall    


It’s just a wonderland..

I force myself to believe that you feel the same way about me 


That night I felt bad for myself  

I felt sad for myself for letting you control my world.. my senses    

There’s no suitable way to drop a line 

 I just happen to write to clear my head, 

      Trying not to show the world this mess I live in…  

So bad I want to be your first choice  

So bad I want you to realize your life won’t be the same if I left you..  

Sometimes, I wish, I pray, in your eyes to be the only one 

 ..to be your only choice,  

So bad I want you to get lost, just to be your home..   

               Yet, I know,you prefer her over me..   

You said that, and I can clearly see that hurtful truth   

It’s not selfishness as they say..  

     With confident I say; 

I deserve to be the first thing you think about   

When you open your eyes early in the morning 

And the last thing on your mind, late at night..  

 I don’t need you,  

I happen to need,.. your shiny, glamorous eyes   

And when the clock strikes midnight 

And I start to feel unconscious, I lay on bed, craving your voice  

But I forgot all that, when I decided to, when I thought I can, I did    

That morning, I left.  

I thought, just thought, I could survive..    

I kept a secret from myself.. I hid the truth..  

That I still need you to appreciate me, build your world around me    

And walked away…   

  I heard a voice in the back of my head that says;  

Replacements can make you forget them  

     ..Replacements can make you forget them   

I went looking for replacement  

I went looking for your eyes  

 But, flashbacks ruined everything,  

And destroyed the strength I build that night..    

And your place in my crowded world..  

Stayed empty, 

No one touched it.     

Baby, I’m back. 

Baby, I came.