I write this letter for us, for the past and the memories.
Apologizing for everything I didn’t do to keep the roof above our hearts.
It’s not us anymore
It’s just You and …me
We’re not apart
But we’re not even close
No one left the battlefield
No one’s bleeding
It saddens me how things will fall apart eventually..
I can see the future, the lonely nights, and the wet white pillow..
A month passed without you, and the year will end in a blink of an eye…without you!
I promised our souls to hold myself together, till I forget the promises you broke.
Wise people always write about forever, fairytales and promises. And they both sing the same song, and the world knows that nothing lasts forever, and this ain’t a fairytale, and promises are meant to be broken.



I’ll jump in your ocean

Don’t make me fall

Save me from emotions

I didn’t plan that at all

In a high mountain

I’ll jump like a rainfall

                            But please, don’t let me awol.



 I found the way to your heart..

 I’m wadding for the journey

          From where should I start?

  I grabbed band aids ’cause what I’ve been told seems real

 And the road is hard to peel  


  In my way,

I felt the hunger for your touch 

But the dream of holding your hand in the end gave strength to my soul.   

I picked the broken pieces in this rough road willing to be your heroine


And when it rained,

I slumbered in a safe place

In your secure cave. 


I prayed god to keep you for me 

I prayed god to let no one reach you before me  


  The sun shined out of nowhere..

Your loyal birds couldn’t hid your story for so long

A little bird begged me to turn this gloomy land to paradise  


I dug everywhere,

I found little joy, spangled moments, a lilliputian hope, and a smile.


In your sky

I looked for the rainbows of desire to be my direction  


The end of the road is near 

 I may see your paradise 



I smelled the roses,

I swam the lake,

I survived it all .


My eyes looked straight ahead to see your huge portcullis

As the gate opened

         I stopped dead

I am afraid to touch this land.