I found the way to your heart..

 I’m wadding for the journey

          From where should I start?

  I grabbed band aids ’cause what I’ve been told seems real

 And the road is hard to peel  


  In my way,

I felt the hunger for your touch 

But the dream of holding your hand in the end gave strength to my soul.   

I picked the broken pieces in this rough road willing to be your heroine


And when it rained,

I slumbered in a safe place

In your secure cave. 


I prayed god to keep you for me 

I prayed god to let no one reach you before me  


  The sun shined out of nowhere..

Your loyal birds couldn’t hid your story for so long

A little bird begged me to turn this gloomy land to paradise  


I dug everywhere,

I found little joy, spangled moments, a lilliputian hope, and a smile.


In your sky

I looked for the rainbows of desire to be my direction  


The end of the road is near 

 I may see your paradise 



I smelled the roses,

I swam the lake,

I survived it all .


My eyes looked straight ahead to see your huge portcullis

As the gate opened

         I stopped dead

I am afraid to touch this land.