Priceless need


A priceless need to the stormy weather
That makes you feel surrounded by lovers
A priceless need in showing pauperization
To involve you in alienation
A priceless need in acting innocent
To teach me sin
Lose your mind
Be mine
Never leave behind
Let’s drink wine
Act blind
Leave it unsigned
 ‘Cause I got your sight
Cuddle me tight,
To reach your Edge
To catch your Soul
This is my priceless need.

World On War


This afternoon, the weather was frustrated

 But I kept on walking to reach ’em

 I glanced a man filled with anger, 

Yelling at the boy out of hunger

While this noisy world didn’t care to share bread, 

To calm him down before he turns dead.

 And this young lady was in a hurry, 

Trying to catch up with time

But, she end up pouring coffee on her shirt, 

Like it was her first time.

 And the boss, caressed his life, to win this deal,

 But he couldn’t ’cause the lady wasn’t here.

 I ran to help the old lady cross the street

She was surprised of my treat.


 Is the world on war? 

    Can you beat careless heat?


I walked to share a smile..

 I lost prospect’s attention, found neglect and rejection.

     ..Disappointment covered my eyes

 And depression filled their ways

 As she said; it will soon be dead.

And now, 

I believe this crowded planet will soon get drafty, 

As my cup of coffee gets empty.



What’s our duty?